While shopping for the Friday bar, we stumbled upon this abonimation. The text reads “Principe! Chosen with care. Root crop chips Mix. Parsnips, beetroots, and potatoes.” The abomination is produced in southern Sweden.

Of course, we couldn’t resist investing the DKK 29 for a bag (i.e., the same price as two 120 g bags of good-tasting chips). The potato chips are the least bad. They are mostly like bad ordinary chips. Let’s just notice that there’s a reason chips are not usually made from parsnips. The beetroot chips are truly horrendous! It’s sort of crispy, sort of a yucky sweet taste with a bit of salt. Let me tell you a small story that hopefully can give you and idea of how truly despicable the taste of the beetroot chips is. Imagine you go to the doctor because you feel nauseous. You think it’s just a cold, but to be really sure you don’t have the Mexican Pest (aka. the pig flu), you decide to get checked up. When the doctor comes to tell you the result of your test, you jokingly ask if you have the Mexican Flu. The doctor laughs and says “no,” winking with one eye, “you have the Mexican Pest, AIDS, SARS, syphilis, somehow, without you knowing it, your testicles have been amputated (m/f), and a mean spirited boy just tortured and killed your puppy, your mother, and your kids (born or unborn), also you smell funny and your fly is open.” The feeling you’d probably have at that exact moment is the emotional equivalent to the taste sensation encountered eating the beetroot chips. Except the chips may be slightly worse.

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