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Some People are Idiots (Us, For Example)

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After a healthy amount of beer at Fairbar, we decided to go to the cinema to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Being complete and utter idiots, we decided on following up on a grand tradition of bringing GD and Breezers to the cinema.

We decided, however, to go with a twist, and decided we would rather have something good instead, and hence decided that the logical next step was whisky and porters.  We therefore, went to Salling Super and drunkenly purchased an Ardbeg Ten, three LFPs and three beers from Djævlebryg (including Gudeløs, thereby supporting the the danish atheistic organization).

Seeing as the cinema would probably not let us in with excessive amounts of alcohol, we decided to get it packed as presents, much to the surprise of the lady, who sold us the whisky as we had told her, we were to drink it ourselves.

Anyway, when we got to the cinema, we put the presents under the christmas tree on display in the lobby while we went to the toilet, which is nicely depicted here:

Happy-fun-time presents below the tree in the cinema

I have no idea how the movie ended, but it was shiny and in 3D.

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