Today is sandich day at Casa Westergaard with tasty ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.

For dinner, I went all the way with a couple tasty burgers, each consisting of 125 g of ground beef (for you non-metric neanderthals, its 125 g – you go look up what it is in your own fictive Zelda units yourself), couple slices of bacon, a slice of cheese, and salad in a bun.

Tasty and delicious-looking:

Also, there a illegible copy of the paper, I’m currently working on.

One thought on “Sustenance

  1. It’s a standard burger size, with the fitting name quarter-pounder. It is widely used in place of the unwieldy name “125 gram burger”. Admittedly, a quarter of a pound is only 113.4 gram, but you get the picture.

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