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I went back to my apartment today. Holy damn, there’s a lot of soot. I snapped some pix for your viewing pleasure:

The table in my living room. Now with black dots.

My dish-washer in the kitchen, 3 rooms away from the fire.

My projector. Probably my ex-projecor.

My breaker pane got a generous amount of soot – it is situated just outside the bath room, so that's easily understandable.

The ceiling and part of the door to my bath room. The ceiling's normally white.

The mirror and wall of my bathroom. The wall is several nuances darker than it is supposed to and the mirror is less mirrory than it is supposed to.

My Apple server thingy and network doohicky got beat with the Dell stick 🙁

Even my pretty B tour book with shiny got hit by the soot fairy :'-(

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