A larger international company (which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) forced me to register when I wanted to download their product, VMWare Player.  I’m already registered with them (like 5 times) but incessantly forget my password, and needed to reset it (for like the umpteenth time).  I entered my standard, low-security password, and was greeted by this:

Apparently big international company thinks that my 7 character password is secure.  For the record, it only contains lower-case letters and numbers.

Update: To check out how deep the rabbit hole went, I tried to change my password to the very secure “abcd12”, and was greeted by:

I also deduced their rule: check word in dictionary, ensure al least two numbers and one letter, and ensure a length of at least 6 characters.  Truly only allows secure passwords like “00000a” or “password12”.

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