Painting — Day 4

No, you didn’t miss day 3; someone (Christian) was responsible for be having humongous hangovers important government and secret duties caused me to take the 3rd day off yesterday. Just like that God fella took the 7th day off, except I’m 200% more efficient. The similarities between God and me continue to astonish me…

Anyway…  Today I only had a couple hours, due to working till half past five, then picking up some supplies and having dinner before starting.  I finished the paint in the blue room.  I’m not 100% satisfied with the result, but seeing as it is the first time I paint anything larger than an eyesore for the fridge, I’m not complaining.  About this particular point.  That much.  Behold the blue room in the current state:

After that, I prepared the purple room for painting.  This included polyfillaing 6 new holes I discovered in the ceiling.  And by discovered, I mean made while I screwed out the screws holding up the curtain rod.  And by screwing, I mean pulling out violently with a hammer.  It’s really easier to make the surface nice afterwards doing it like that, so you get the rawlplugs out as well.  Behold the purple room o’ Børsen:

Also, I have to say that the previous tenants were a couple of incompetent DIYers.  And that means a lot when it comes from me.  Ok, everybody can be lazy, but, come on, filling holes in the wall with chewing gum?  It’s just as easy, heaps better and a gazillion times less disgusting to do it correctly.  Also, that makes it possible to paint over it so you can’t see it afterwards.

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