Visual Tweaks in CPN Tools

Turns out, I wasn’t done making visual tweaks to CPN Tools.

This is a screen-shot of the most recent build:

I’ve finally gotten the sheets, binders, and Declare palette looking decent.  That’s old news.

In the screen shot, we also see improved icons for port types and fusion instruments (1) and for the different kinds of places (2).  It turns out, the tags were computed using a completely wrong.  Compare the above (click for larger) with the below:

I made a similar (and a related) fix for actually displaying the tags on paces (3); compare with this:

I also updated the appearance of ordered/bounded places (4); they used to be roundrects, but are now back to regular ovals, except I added some lines and fixed the tags.  Compare with:

Finally, I’ve added representations of the simple Declare constraints (5).  As you can see, this is not completely done; I’m aiming for a look like this instead:

Next up: breaking the rule that arcs go between a place and a transition only…

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