More Renders of Bar

If you’re a regular reader ((And if you’re not, you should be!)), you have probable already seen my previous renders of our home bar and maybe even the pictures of the near-end result.

A thing missing is that the bar was built with elements in my interior design program.  In reality, though, it is built using IKEA crap.  This means some things are a bit off, and the top part of the bar proved a bit harder to make nice.

After a bit of thinking things thru – around half a year of thinking – we came up with this solution: a folded piece of sheet metal with a wooden top.  Here’s a bunch of renders:

The original drawing:


Reality 2.0:



Here’s the new render; the bottom now corresponds to the reality and the back is the new idea.

bar backside 1

bar backside 2

bar backside 7

bar backside 4

The back is supposed to be in one piece; this is what we think of (with the bottom removed):

bar backside 6

And from the side:

bar backside 5

The shape of the holes near the bottom are not set in stone, nor is the shape of the cut-out for the beer tap.  The metal-only part looks like this:

bar backside 8

The three cut-outs in the metally part allows later adding more cut-outs in the wood for future expandability of the tapping capacity.

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