Here’s a comparison to get you going on this lovely Monday morning: try applying your own arguments for or against bailout of Greece to the bailout of banks, and vice versa.

The comparison is more apt than it seems at a first glance:
– Both acted wildly irresponsibly, but probably in large part due to circumstances
– Both have a small group of leaders acting in full-on retard mode with a large number of largely innocent “good nazis” whose only crime was not stopping what little parts of the big picture they saw and otherwise just followed orders
– Both are predestined to fall in hindsight, but it is probably harder to see using the nontraditional flow of time going forwards
– Bailout in both cases seems like rewarding bad behavior but might be cheaper than the alternative; perhaps everybody is better off if Greece ends up as Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac than as Lehman Brothers?
– Bailouts have to come with strings attached; for those thinking the banks got off easy let me tell you about owning bank stocks for the past 8 years…
– Bailouts should come in the form of loans that have to be paid back in full; creditors should get security in the assets of Greece as they did in the banks

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