So, I bought the latest issue of Marie Claire. Largely for Britney reasons, but I must admit I do enjoy guessing what the advertisements are for.

First is probably bracelets of sorts. Rings. Wearing bowls on your head. More bowls on head but it says the name of my deodorant. Biker gangs are cool and you should totes join one. Yelling Italian men offering Kinder Milchsnittes. Walking on water with trees. Some emotional shit or whatever the same thing is named today – sparkling vampires maybe. Flowers. Flowers and watches. Strangling redheads. Letters and old-looking highly retouched digital photos. Wearing over-sized keys as bracelets. Some sort of cosmetics, but shiny. Prostitutes with nerd-glasses. Tables of contents.

It’s pretty great, but I don’t think I’m gonna take it up on the offer to get a subscription.

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