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The paradox of the iPhone 8: it is sufficiently water-resistant that I can bring it with me in the shower, but the speaker is good enough that I no longer have to.

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On a whim decided to follow the lichtjesroute home. I think you have to be a lot younger or drunker (inclusive or) to appreciate it.

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The world’s platform for change

It’s well-known that evolution is largely blind to whatever happens in our lives after child-bearing age. That’s the reason old people turn racist, sick and die: evolution simply has no more use for them and doesn’t care what happens after the awkward teenage […]

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Once more unto the breach…

Once more unto the breach…

Curiously, this social sciences course has a larger explicit curriculum about the scientific method than I encountered during 8 years of actual science science.

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I feel dirty. I just unironically uttered the phrase “business reasons beats technical reasons.” I take it back! That’s not true at all! Technical reasons are the best reasons after “dumb reasons”!

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What a day; 3 hours of meetings and 5 hours of writing project proposals. On the up-side, I attempted to make two different people take a bite of mystery-mushrooms (possibly toxic) with the justification “see what happens.”

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