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Corporate bullying: when a company forces it customers to take certain actions. For example, my cell phone provider last week forced me to order an iPhone X; they sent me a mail saying that I could, which is frankly just a jump and […]

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We all know that 60% of people is made of water. That is quite accurately all of Asia. Around 25% is fat. That’s pretty much Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

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Talent-less hacks.

Talent-less hacks.

I normally name my own computers after world-renowned superstars (they are all named after Britney Spears songs). My work computers, I typically name after talent-less hacks.

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Who would have thought that a decade-and-a-half-ago trip centered around drinking beer would prove itself useful today? And yet, here I’m, referring to Gregor Mendel in a social science essay.

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Essayer: (vb) French for writing an essay.

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What’s with the Orwellian double-speak? Isn’t “alt-right” just “wrong?”

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