M&G w/ BSB

Me and the Backstreet Boys: I do not condone the message put forward by the Amstel Bier advertisement in the background. Me and just Brian: You’ll notice how I wore a Rebecca Black t-shirt instead of my regular Britney ones to make it less blatantly obvious I wore a t-shirt promoting another artist… 😉 MichaelTime […]

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Britney in London

Seeing Britney in London was my third concert on the Femme Fatale tour (following Herning and Rotterdam).  As I’d see the concert three times ((Unfortunately, I’ll have to give a presentation next Thursday, so I cannot make it to Lisbon as was my plan 🙁 )), I set goals so none of the concert would […]

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The Tour that Keeps on Giving

First concert: Meet and greet with Britney. Second concert: Best spot in the concert. Third concert: Meet and greet with Destinee & Paris. Actually, I was first in line and snuck to he back I the line for this great picture: MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. westergaard.eu/ […]

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