Painting — Day N-1

Approaching the end.  I took the evening off yesterday, so today had to count.  Luckily Christian was so kind as to help me today (thanks, Christian!). I started the morning by finishing the living room — not really a lot to do, but last time, I ran out of white: Unsatisfied with the purple paint, […]

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Painting — Day 5

♪♬ Paint the day away, Fun is for another day, This color is gay, White walls really suck. ♬♪♬ Boring day today.  Started by finishing preparing the purple room (which is gonna turn purple pale lavender eventually), but nothing worth showing.  Then I started painting the living room,  You can really get thru a lot of […]

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Painting — Day 4

No, you didn’t miss day 3; someone (Christian) was responsible for be having humongous hangovers important government and secret duties caused me to take the 3rd day off yesterday. Just like that God fella took the 7th day off, except I’m 200% more efficient. The similarities between God and me continue to astonish me… Anyway… […]

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