Curriculum Vitae

Michael Westergaard


Date of birth September 23, 1980
Place of birth Herning, Denmark
Citizenship Danish
Languages spoken Danish (native), English (fluent), Dutch, French, German
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April 2018- Open Circle Solutions, Eindhoven, the Netherlands Principal Consultant
July 2014-March 2018 Experis Ciber, Eindhoven, the Netherlands Senior Consultant
June 2010-September 2014 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands Post Doc
November 2013-May 2014 Civolution, Eindhoven, the Netherlands Advanced Development Engineer
January 2013-October 2013 Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia Lead Research Fellow
February 2001-May 2010 Aarhus University, Århus, Denmark Student programmer (2001-2004); teaching assistant (2004-2007); and post doc (2007-2010)
August 1994-October 2000 Various part time jobs, including systems surveilence, part time-help in a bank, and part-time help at a library

Recent Projects

  • Lead Developer, Architect: Soccer Dashboard; Holland Innovative 2023-present
  • Product Owner, Architect: RIGA; Zorginstituut Nederland 2023-present
  • Lead Developer, Architect: KIK-Starter; Zorginstituut Nederland 2020-2023
  • Lead Developer, Architect:; Zorginstituut Nederland 2015-2023
  • Developer: Golf Management System; Bernardus Golf 2018-20244
  • Developer, Architect: CI/CD; Open Circle Solutions 2018-present
  • Developer: Artificial intelligence/image recognition; Brand Loyalty 2019
  • Lead Developer, Architect: Orchestration and Ordersystem; Stichting 2014, Koninklijke Bibliotheek 2015-2019
  • Lead Developer, Architect: Integration API; Essent STPA 2014-2019
  • Lead Developer, Architect: Contracteinderegister; Energie Data Services Nederland 2016-2019

Buzzword Bingo

  • Roles: (Lead) developer, solution architect, cloud architect, product owner, teacher
  • Areas of expertise: Full-stack development, architecture, object-oriented programming, enterprise integration, managed systems, artificial intelligence, image recognition and processing, CI/CD, functional programming, web programming, low-level programming, formal modeling and verification, data modeling
  • Programming languages: Java, Typescript, C++, XSLT, PHP, Beta, Standard ML, bash, C, Pascal, x86 assembler/intrinsics, …
  • Specification languages: Cucumber, UML, (colored) Petri nets, XML Schema, RelaxNG, …
  • Application servers: JBoss EAP, JBoss Fuse, Keycloak, Wildfly, Tomcat, WSO2
  • Authentication: OAuth, Keycloak, OpenAM
  • Frameworks: Spring/Spring Boot, Angular, Blueprint, CXF, …
  • Databases: SQL, Hibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL, h2, MS SQL Server, Oracle, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, EnergyWorx
  • Testing: Karate, JUnit, ReadyAPI/SoapUI, model-based testing
  • CI: Gitlab, Gitlab CI, Jenkins/Hudson
  • Random names of tools: Eclipse, CPN Tools, ProM, Declare
  • Linked data: RDF, SPARQL, SHACL, OWL, R2RML
  • Analytics/reporting: Tableau, SPSS, SAS, R, Grafana, Jasper Reports, Google Analytics
  • Containers: Kubernetes, Helm, Docker
  • Version control: git, Subversion, CVS
  • Build systems: Maven, ant, Make, CMake
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, generix Unix (Solaris/SunOS, Irix, FreeBDS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SCO OpenServer), OS/2, DOS, …



  • BSc in Psychology; The Open University 2016-2022 (part-time)
  • PhD in Computer Science; Aarhus University 2003-2007
  • Cand.Scient. in Computer Science; Aarhus University 2002-2005
  • BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics; Aarhus University 1999-2002
  • Mathematical High-school Student; Viborg Katedralskole 1996-1999


Honors and Awards

  • Best Reviewer; BPM Conference; September 2014
  • Lektor Sixhøjs Mindelegat (The Memory of Lecturer Sixhøj Scholarship); Viborg Katedralskole; 1999
  • Viborg Bys Legat (Scholarship of the City of Viborg); Viborg Katedralskole; 1998


See my Publication List.

Teaching Experience

  • Process Mining; Teacher 2012-2013
  • Business Information Systems; Instructor 2012
  • Distributed Systems; Teacher 2009-2010
  • Advanced State-space Methods; Supervisor on study group 2009
  • Project in Introduction to Programming; Teacher 2006
  • Distributed Systems, Computability and Logic, Advanced XML, Security, Introduction to Programming; Teaching assistent 2004-2007


  • PhD student: Joyce Nakatumba: Resource-Aware Business Process Management Analysis and Support (2010-2013 with Wil van der Aalst)
  • Master’s student: Santiago Hernandez Altamirano: Generic Process Performance Analysis (2011 with Wil van der Aalst)
  • Master’s student: Per Nielsen: Pattern Detection in Auto-Generated Graph-Based Platform-Independent Models (2010 with Henrik Bærbak)
  • Master’s student: Thomas Vestergaard: Generating LTL Formulas from Sequence Diagrams (2010 with Søren Christensen)
  • Master’s student: Surayya Urazimbetova: An Algorithm for Visualization of Large State Spaces via Context-aware Image Resizing (2009 with Søren Christensen)
  • Master’s students: Kristian Leth Espensen, Mads Keblov Kjeldsen: Automatic Code Generation from Process-Partitioned Coloured Petri Net Models (2008 with Lars M. Kristensen)
  • Master’s students: François Allix and Dya Ben Abdallah: Automated Composition of Petri Nets (2004 with Søren Christensen)
  • Over 10 juniors
  • Over 5 interns