Process Mining 2012

These slides are to a large part based on Wil van der Aalst’s slides from the Process Mining book from  They also contain contributions from Joos Buijs (week 2), Fabrizio M. Maggi (week 4), Arya Adriansyah (week 5), and my own slides (weeks 4 and 5).

Week 1: Introduction, Petri Nets, and the Alpha Algorithm

Week 2: Quality Measures and a Genetic Miner

Slides on exercises for that week (thanks to Joos for making the Evolutionary Tree Miner package available just in time for the lecture):

Week 3: Representational Bias, Transition Systems, and Causal Nets



Week 4: Declarative Models and Mining


Week 5: Auditing and Conformance Checking


Week 6: Operational Support and Declare Monitoring


Week 7: Operational Support and Recommendations


Week 8: Assignment


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