Model-Based Testing – a Presentation

I did a presentation about model-based testing. It’s here. Click below to progress, or click here for full screen. I’ve written a series of posts about the tool, mostly as development blog, so you can follow the thought process. The blogs are not 100% up-to-date with the stuff presented, so take that as a preview […]

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Concurrent Constraint Programming

Here’s a thing I didn’t expect to happen anymore: me publishing presentations on my homepage. It’s basically a shortened version of my post about user scenarios given at a kennissessie at work. It contains all the good stuff: Britney, CPN Tools, and tanks. As a bonus: also Java, Beta, Prolog, C and SML. MichaelTime person of […]

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Declare Mining for Dummies

[bibshow file=tech.bib]Probably my last presentation at TU/e: simple, general, and fast Declare mining.  Much of this is in [bibcite key=megaminertech,megaminerfase] (not online yet at the time of writing). [/bibshow] MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. […]

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Fast and Accurate Declare Mining

Presentation I’ll give in two weeks.  How to be significantly faster at mining Declare than any existing tool, and at the same time get much better models. Abstract Declarative models make it possible to describe changing systems or systems with a lot of freedom by imposing global constraints instead of explicitly defining the flow of […]

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