How to Predict the Price of Bitcoin

Back when I was younger, I literally taught the course on decentralization at university. We didn’t call it that, of course, because we were not trying to sell a ponzi scheme, but it meant that every year, I’d have 100 or thereabouts students up for oral exam in distributed algorithms and the like. I had […]

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Tornado Cash Illustrates Crypto’s Decentralization Problem

Crypto has a decentralization problem. And it’s not that it’s too decentralized. Nor is it that the decentralization de facto is non-existent due to the mining power being centralized at a few players. It’s that crypto fundamentally is not decentralized, which creates some interesting, potentially unsolvable problems. Crypto is the “money” of choice for crime. […]

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2 songs 1 hook

So, here’s a fun(?) interesting(?) thing. Old people believe that music comprises lyrics and melody, written by the same or different people. In the 90s that changed with the Swedish music machine (Denniz Pop, Max Martin, etc.), which instead split it into hook and track tested by focus groups, where the hook is the ear […]

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New keyword-based election system

So, in a few weeks we have local elections, and I just got the card that allows me to vote. Local and EU elections are the only ones I am allowed to vote in because Denmark has horribly undemocratic voting regulations. I briefly considered who to vote for but I don’t really know any of […]

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