Tornado Cash Illustrates Crypto’s Decentralization Problem

Crypto has a decentralization problem. And it’s not that it’s too decentralized. Nor is it that the decentralization de facto is non-existent due to the mining power being centralized at a few players. It’s that crypto fundamentally is not decentralized, which creates some interesting, potentially unsolvable problems. Crypto is the “money” of choice for crime. […]

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NFTs are F̵u̵n̵g̵u̵s̵ Fungible

NFTs are the new hotness in crypto. Or rather, it was the new hotness half a year ago, but my blog is not a news site, so I don’t have to bring breaking news. And really, NFTs were the hotness in 2017, but most bitcoiners don’t remember that and were running different scams back then […]

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Why Your Enterprise doesn’t Need Blockchain

Bitcoin has brought a wave of excitement. It’s is mostly because it has brought such concepts as “honest ponzi” and “technical analysis is a real science” to the mainstream, which makes it hilarious that anybody takes it seriously still, but also because they can be viewed as a purely scam and speculation-based commodity, backed largely […]

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7 Misconceptions About Bitcoin

A couple of days (read 2 months) ago, I wrote why I believe Bitcoin is a bad investment.  At the time, I promised to write about the technical shortcomings of Bitcoin.  I did, and my browser crashed eating a large chunk of my post, and then I got busy with my studies again.  I also […]

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