I mean, this is just not right!

mobilemesyncclient, your job is to fucking sync whether I’ve read my RSS feeds, my calendars and my desktop picture. How can you use 800 MB RAM for that?

Or Mail? You are a mail-reader. I wrote one in 8 hours in Ruby. Including learning Ruby. Mail is not that hard! So what if I have five mail accounts and around 30000 mails in them? You don’t need to reevaluate them all every fucking time! Heard of IMAP? The servers do that for you!

iCal! Pah. I rarely start you anymore. So what if I have a few thousand appointments? You are a god-dammit calendar program! That’s what you’re supposed to handle!

kernel_task I can sort of understand – you actually handle some stuff, and Safari is not too far of. It’s a web-wrowser and its established that these must be monsters.

But let’s do the math: kernel + web-browser ~ fricking iCal. I could run another kernel, kill off iCal and have memory to spare.

And then we get to the CPU consumption. The screen shot does not do this justice. Normally mail sits at 50% (I was telling it to shut down a minute prior to this screen shot, which it certainly didn’t intend to, so i just sort of sat there). iCal is also a bit off. As I’m writing this, it sits at somewhere between 90% and 100%. MobileMe sync only uses CPU time once in a while, like 100% for five minutes every fucking 15 minutes!

Ah, right now, Finder.app is idling at 40% CPU. It’s really doing NOTHING. Maybe it discovered that Mail had been killed and decided to consume some CPU in retaliation/sympathy.

And this is somewhat an improvement to Leopard!

Edit: I found out that the culprit was that MobileMe sync had screwed up, duplicating all entries in my calendar several thousand times, leading to a couple hundred thousand entries.  As both iCal and Mail look at todo items, they are obviously over-loaded, and the sync-client was trying to synchronize (and most likely duplicate) several hundred thousand entries every 15 minutes.  Thanks to iCal Dupe Deleter, I got rid of the duplicates, and now my Mac is as fast as ever again.

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