Halloween Beer and Jazz Festival

The last couple of days, I have attended the Halloween Beer and Jazz Festival in Ridehuset. around 50 beers on tap, a couple of ciders, some beers on cask, a couple dozen bottled beers and around 40 whiskies.

I had already had most of the beers (or wasn’t really interested, such as Fur Bryghus or Skands), but I got to taste a few new ones. In order to remember the beers, I took a picture of each and uploaded them to Flickr. You can see photos of all the beers below.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622701786250″]

I also tried a couple whiskies, 5 or 6 if I remember correctly, and brought home a nice bottle called Peat Monster, a 1.5 liters bottle of cask strength peaty, but not really smokey goodness at the ridiculously low price of only DKK 795,-.

Bottle of Peat Monster

2 thoughts on “Halloween Beer and Jazz Festival

  1. Technically speaking, the Peat Monster isn’t whisky, since he is mixing spirit younger than 3 years into it. The “whiskies” from Compass Box are though quite interesting, since he is trying to make them according to emotions…

  2. Sure about that? On their web-site, they call it whisky (also, the one I have is really a Peat Monster Reserve). Also, I’ve only been able to find out that the Peat Monster (regular) is 10-11 years Caol Ila and 12-17 years Ardmore, whereas this one is only specified as two Islay malts (one from Ascraig, most likely Caol Ila, and the other from the south, probably Laphroaig or Ardbeg), and Ardmore.

    Tried another from Compass Box that was ghastly – think it was Orangerie.

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