In celebration of the horrid comics I put up, I’ve dug thru my folders, and found some even worse ones.  They are not funny, but they contain puns, the most high-brow kind of humor only second to jokes about poop.

I thought it would be funny to make jokes based on the catch-phrase: “progress is my middle name”, and started out with the first one.  As you can hopefully see, it wasn’t.

Against Progress
Progress' Bar
Progress Towards More Technology

Now, it gets really bad (I mean, it was bad before, but now it gets worse).  For your understanding it may help (but probably not) knowing that “Rapport” is a danish nudie magazine and rapport in english it “report”.  And as a PhD you have to write a progress report in the middle of your studies and that I in 2006, when I made these, was putting the final touches on my progress report.  If I have not already destroyed any (lack of) joke, I bring you:

Progress' Report

You’d think it couldn’t get any worse, but, heh, I manage:

Progress' Eve

As a consolation, I bring you a better joke: Poop.

Oh well, at least it’s funnier than Monday-hating, lasagna-loving orange cats.

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