The End of an Era

This is it! This is irrevocably the point of no return!  The end! Of an Era.  It has been a good run, but, as with so much else, it cannot last.  Humanity is failing under its own weight, and the future as we know it may no longer be.  What the prophets have foretold and the critics ridiculed, is now upon us like a fattie on an all-you-can-eat-buffet.  I write, in honor of the time that was and which may never again be, this mortuary and hope that the experiences of this generation will be passed on to future generations, if such a concept even makes any sense anymore, and that those after us will be wiser.

I am talking, of course, of the fact that I am now out of Limfjordsporter, the beer that inspired the world-renowned LFPedia and many a headache.  I bid you farewell, you proud traveler, and hope that the more than 800 km to the nearest LFP refill site will by coincidence be traveled by another case of the nectar of the gods by means of a freak quantum improbability.  That’s how quantum mechanics works, you know.

May what lies ahead neither be Grolsch nor Heineken!

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