New House — Before

Today I went to the DIY to get some paint and other weapons in the fight against the dull walls in the new Casa Westergaard.  The walls need to get painted and some of them in colors that are a tad more interesting than white (I’m going for pale lavender and beau blue).  So, as we professional craftsmen say, let the Britneyfication commence!

Getting back form the DIY, I snapped a couple before pictures (click a picture for a – much – larger version):

Living room
1st floor hallway
Michael's room the first
Michael's room the second. It's white like the rest; I just didn't bother setting up the light
Dirk's room the first
Hallway on 2nd floor; also upcoming home for washer
Dirk's room the second; the attic
The garden from just outside the living room
The rest of the garden and our shed

2 thoughts on “New House — Before

    1. Gotta move in first, and maybe even wait for it being warm enough to grill in the garden… But soon.

      The first (and only) things I moved in was 4 bottles of whisky, a few beers, and a bit of Britney merchandise 🙂

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