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Yesterday, I got access to the Google Analytics data for  The main goal was to find out if people were able to use the new documentation overview and if the new getting started guide were used.

Much to my satisfaction, I saw that the two pages, only beaten by the home page, were number 2 and 3, respectively:

I also wanted to get an impression if the new documentation overview was easier to navigate.  The statistics seem to say yes – after navigating to the page, only around 10% give up and leave and only 5% go the support page.  These are still high numbers, but could be far worse.  It seems users are navigating to the different sub-pages nicely, as well.  Good to see.  It also seems that after people go to the getting starting guide, many return to the documentation.  The many direct entrances to the page probably reflect the fact that CPN Tools contains a direct link to the page.

The results for the getting started page is a bit less encouraging, though.  It seems people only spend a bit less than a minute and a half on the page.  As the page is basically a list of introduction videos, this is not good.  I hope that the reason is that CPN Tools is a mature tool and that many people have seen a live demonstration, and don’t feel the need to view introduction videos.

I am very interested in hearing what you think about the two new documentation overviews and if you have any suggestions for improving the documentation; just drop a comment to this post!

In less serious news, I was also surprised to see the top 5 over countries from which we receive the most visitors (in the last 3 week; CPN Tools is often used in teaching, so this varies a lot over a year):

  1. China (1,183)
  2. US (1,118)
  3. Germany (934)
  4. Slovakia (845)
  5. Brazil (798) / Netherlands (773)

China and the US do not surprise me, and neither does the Netherlands (I know CPN Tools is used for courses in China, and both China and the US are huge; we use CPN Tools ourselves in a course here in the Netherlands).  Germany, I can sort of understand, though I’m surprised that there are SO many downloads and the top 3 cities are Braunsweig, Marburg, and Munich.  Slovakia surprised at first, until I remembered, it is used for teaching there.  I’m still a bit at a loss about Brazil, though…

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