Who is Taller? Michael or Mailund?

I just had the following exchange:


Detsværre er jeg ikke Bob. Han er en mand jeg ser meget op til 🙂

(Unfortunately, I’m not Bob. He’s a man I look up to.)


…som du gør med enhver, der er over 150 cm 😉

(…Like you do for anybody taller than 150 cm.)


Nu skal du passe på! Du er kortere end mig

(Watch out! You’re shorter than me.)

Of course, this cannot stand! We’d better make a scientific proof that Mailund is wrong. I therefore invite everyone to vote on this poll:

Who is taller?

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This is science as sanctioned by intelligent design whack jobs.

Edit: Come on, guys! You can’t seriously think Mailund is taller!  Here he is compared to a box of matches:

(Images stolen from my old and now defunct site, mailunderlille.dk; archived at Archive.org.)

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