Nuclear Summer

I was looking forward to a summer vacationconference in Kanazawa in Japan this summer.  Unfortunately somebody forgot to switch off the lights, so a nuclear power plant became slightly warmer than anticipated and the world panicked.

Of course, the threat in Japan is comparable with the one in Chernobyl in 1986; one apt comparison would be fucking insignificant in comparison.  There’s no doubt that the Japanese are in trouble because of a big fucking earthquake and a tsunami, so let’s not get distracted by a minor incident that is indeed tragic for those it happened to, but less fatal than the emission of CO2 from my farts or how about the real tragedy taking place?

Now, instead, we go to Newcastle.  In that regard I was pointed to this nuclear plant not far away from where I’ll be going.  For those too lazy to click the link, here’s a photo from the plant:

As you can see, nuclear power plants are a huge threat to the free world.  Not only does the plant have a huge fucking crack, it has two!  Also, there’s obvious toxic waste just lying about just in front of the plant ((And the waste even has shadows and looks sort-of not computer-rendered.)).  There are also stormtroopers.  It’s difficult to tell, but I’m fairly certain these are Episode IV stormtroopers and eeeeeevil!  You may also have noticed the smoker in the foreground, who is also Satan!  He’s probably also a nazi-commie-terrorist.

Edit: Here’s a movie from a real tragedy – we don’t really have to invent one to feel sorry for Japan:

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