Anybody Knows How to Set Up Twitter-like Service for WordPress?

So, I’ve been thinking about this thing I want.  The idea is that:

  1. spamming people with valuable information, such as when I got to the crapper, is very easy with things like Twitter, and
  2. posting deeper thoughts, such as pictures of the food before I went to the shitter and musings about Britney, is very easy with WordPress.

I would like to keep spamming people on Twitter because, let’s just face it, that’s where most people get their toilet-related news nowadays.  I would also like to integrate Twitter into my page, though.  Right now, I have a quite crappy widget at the top-right corner, which shows my last two tweets.  I would like to remove that and have tweets integrated into my site.

I know of P2 (previously Prologue) and it is almost, sort-of what I want.  Except, I want more.  Basically my idea is:

  1. tweets are shown similarly to on Twitter/P2,
  2. there has to be some intelligence, so, say, only tweets from the last 12 or 24 hours are shown, but it should also be possible to set minimum and maximum numbers, so I can show, say, “tweets from the last 24 hours but never less than two and never more than ten” ((Preferably it should also remove drunken tweets, but let’s just see that as icing.)),
  3. tweets are integrated between my regular posts on my front-page and are shown as “special” blog posts; customizable background color would be nice, but I’d be happy if they just show as a post title,
  4. tweets should not be shown in the normal archive, but
  5. tweets should be shown in a separate archive,
  6. tweets should of course be automatically pushed to/pulled by my server from Twitter or Pixelpipe, and
  7. all tweets should become regular posts in WordPress, so I don’t have to fetch data when people go to my homepage (and I can archive all my clever sayings).

Does anybody know of a solution to set that up?

A nice-to-have feature is comment synchronization with Facebook, Twitter and my site, but I can live without that.

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