I got bored (read: is writing papers), so I decided to check how much e-mail I have received and sent (and saved) over the past years.  I got this pretty picture:

As anticipated, my yearly amount of e-mail received is growing, but strangely, the amount of sent mail remains the same.  These numbers do not include spam mail (I used to receive 10.000-20.000 spam mails a week, but that is now down to just a few dozen).  The yearly total is shown on the left y-axis and the daily average on the right one. The results for 2011 are obtained by extrapolating the number of e-mails received until now to the entire year.

Around 2003, I decided to archive nearly all mails, but I cannot really explain the bump from 2009 to 2010 – in fact, I opted out of some pretty chatty mailing lists around then…


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