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I am, Apparently, a Rocket Scientist!

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As a researcher, I often receive spam mails prompting me to write something to be published in a fake journal or as a fake book.  Some people try to use that to boost their publication rankings1).

Just received one, which really cracked me up:

These are still rare enough that some minor work is put into personalizing the mails, so they get the name correct and often a vague guess of your topic. Here, something went wrong, as they think I work on space exploration and not on state-space exploration, which is something completely different (one is that astrologynomy stuff, mine is a mathematical way of verifying complex systems; see e.g. [1] below).

Still, I’m henceforth going to add rocket scientist to my CV.  Today is a good day for my CV.

[1] [pdf] [doi] M. Westergaard, S. Evangelista, and L. M. Kristensen, “ASAP: An Extensible Platform for State Space Analysis,” in Applications and Theory of Petri Nets, G. Franceschinis and K. Wolf, Eds., Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009, vol. 5606, pp. 303-312.
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year = {2009}
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  1. It doesn’t work. []
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