Britnification II: The Postering

As we all know, in celebration of Britney’s B-day in 3 days, this is the season of Britney.  Just watch all cities decorate with lights and hearts.  In celebration of that, I decided to order almost ((Some of the shops wouldn’t ship to Europe 🙁 )) everything associated with Britney from Amazon I didn’t already own ((And a few items I’d forgotten I already owned…)).

I already presented the first stage of the Britnification, and we all saw it was good.

Here, I proudly present the second phase: posters; I’ve finally gotten around to frame (thanks, Ine!) and hang up most of my Britney posters.  As I was almost done with the last one, I received another poster, so here are 4 pretty ones:

Now I just need for find some 46 cm*46 cm frames for my numbered VIP posters, a frame for that one poster I forgot all about, and something for the three (I think) posters enroute…

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