Declare Rebranding

Faced with the threat of work, I decided to rebrand Declare.  I basically changed the name to lowercase (from typographically ugly and misleading DECLARE), changed the name of a few of the programs and some minor details.  See all about the name change on the Declare website.

So, that is pretty sensible.  During this, I made sure to change the title bars to include the version numbers and refreshed the about box.  I noticed that Declare did not have a splash screen, and quickly drew one.  This shows why I shouldn’t be allowed to do such things; pretty, huh?

The picture is my desktop background and the splash screen blends in.  Also, I have a license for ArtText ((WordArt for Mac.)); that’s how I created the ugly text.  The arrows are Declare constraints.  The blue background is because that’s how splash screens looked when they were still popular.

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