Unraveling the Conspiracy of the Croquettes

Everybody non-native living in the Netherlands has been pondering this question: what actually is the green stuff inside those croquettes the Dutch seem to savor so much?  You quickly rule out meat, soy, boogers, and many other plausible but not quite fitting explanations.

Now, finally, the mystery has been solved.  The dirty little secret is out.  The cat is out of the bag (though you’d expect it to be inside the croquettes).

In the cover of the night, cooks gather at the Dommel to amass the disgusting green innards of this delicacy.  Our team snapped this photo which has been artificially enhanced to make it easier to see the dirty little secret, but not otherwise manipulated.

Yes.  It is true.  Croquet green is people.  Killed for their moist innards and stored and matured at the bottom of the Dommel.  Then harvested by unscrupulous kingpins looking to sell the juicy bodies at the black market. People and bikes. People, bikes and dirt.

Bon appetit!

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