Improved Support for Low-level Nets in CPN Tools

I wanted to add some minor conveniences to CPN Tools.  Yesterday I got the bright idea that shy shouldn’t CPN Tools make it much easier to make low-level models.  It is already possible to emulate low-level nets, but it takes considerable work as CPN Tools needs a lot of inscriptions.

I decided to just do away with them and if a model has no inscriptions, assume all types are UNITs, which is the CPN Tools way of emulating the behavior of low-level nets.

Now, it is possible to have a model looking like this:

All the places really have type UNIT, all arcs without inscriptions really have the inscription 1`(), and all arcs and initial markings that are just integers really have a multi-set with that many ()s.  The inhibitor and reset arcs are not yet functional.

This is all done in a way that is both backwards and forwards compatible.  This means that you can save the model and load it in previous versions of CPN Tools and you can take a model from a previous version of CPN Tools and it will get the simplified look.  I made a quick video showing this all off:

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