5 thoughts on “Process Mining Week 1: Introduction, Petri Nets, Alpha Algorithm

  1. Hi Dr. Westergaard,

    What is the difference between conformance and compliance?. In context of testing, for example, there are compliance testing and compliance testing. Thank you.

    1. Basically, conformance means something: you conform to the standard, model, specification.

      Compliance sounds like conformance but does not really have a formal meaning. If you comply with a standard, model, specification, it does not necessarily mean you pass all tests, but only that you pass some of them.

      Use conformance if you want it to mean something, use compliance if you want to oversell something 🙂 (I hope I’m consistent in my use of conformance only, but no guarantees).

  2. Thank you for your good and simple explanation.

    conformance= passing all tests
    compliance = passing all or some tests

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for this slideshare :p.

    I have a question:
    Do you have an efficient method to build matrice like slide 62 ? I search some source code to build that.


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