Sightseeing in Москва – Gorky Park

Sunday, I decided to go to Gorky park (which really has the very Soviet name “Центральный Парк Культуры и Отдыха Имени Горького” or “Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure”).  It was quite the hike, and the first glance I got was this:

I decided to let main entrances be main entrances and enter thru the back entrance.  Here’s a couple snaps from just outside the park:

Scorpions claim that a wind of change is blowing in Москва, though on Sunday it just seemed like regular wind.  Quite cold wind at that.  It was around -1°C but with the wind chill factor I’m guessing it was closer to -5°C or even -10°C.

Inside the park is a stage of sorts.  According to Wikipedia movies are shown in the park, so maybe that’s why?

At the right is a construction site.  I’m guessing they are setting up the ice skating rink or preparing for the ice sculpture competition.  Right now, it’s around 87% boring.

I also found the official entrance.  I’m a renegade and didn’t use it for entrance not for exit.  That’s just How I Roll.

Bam! Unmotivated space shuttle!

It’s a life-size mockup from the abandoned Russian Бура́н (Buran) space shuttle program.

Also, a (semi-frozen) lake:

…but waitaminute, isn’t that…

Holy fuck! A bridge! There’s no chance I’m not gonna walk across that!

On my way out, I saw that maybe Scorpions were sort-of right…  At least, I suspect this shop wasn’t there back when funny beards and communism were in fashion:

The Russian stuff, Парк Горького, is transcribed to Park Gorkogo or Gorky Park, so that makes sense.

Finally, what we all came here to see, a bridge!

All in all Gorky park was quite nice, but most likely much better in December when the ice rink is up or in summer when its not fricking freezing all over.

For more Moscow sightseeing goodness, also check my post on the Red Square and Alexander Garden.

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