So, why not comment on the attempt on Lars Hedegaard? I think the attempt is despicable and whoever is responsible should be put in prison, preferably until death. Attacking to kill anybody for exercising they right to speech is inexcusable in cannot be tolerated. If somebody says something you disagree with, take it up with the person, the law of the land of the person, or just fucking disagree (much easier and better in approximately 100% of the cases).

With that said, the reaction is also exaggerated. It’s most likely some male, extremist, muslim male with a small penis making the attack, but that does not mean I have to dislike all male or muslim or people without penis. I have in fact, a lot of muslim friends, and only a few of them have attempted to kill me (current counter at 0%).

Could we maybe get the discussion back on track? Let’s hate the extremism and not everybody vaguely related to an incident? Maybe being a muslim is more correlated to being a murderer, but that does not mean it is a cause. An important nerd-mantra is that “correlation is not causation”. Did they become murderers because they were muslim or did they become murderers due to some other reason? Without bothering to look it up, I’ll bet a beer (or soft drink) that the correlation between men and murder is stronger than that between muslim an murderer. Most likely also small penises and murder, though I have no reason to believe that.

There is no excuse for hate-related crime, including the terrible attack on Lars Hedegaard – there is never an excuse for violence – but the behaviour of a fucked up extremist is no reason to hate a group of people, be they muslim, male, or have small penises, due to the action of a single person, caused by him being a fucked up idiot.

A quick Thursday morning rant brought to you by Michael-thinks-it-better-to-Facebook-than-sleep.

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