Moscow State University

Wil was giving a talk at the MSU, so we had a brief tour before the talk.  It’s pretty neat.

This is the main building.  It is quite large.


The building is just south ((In Moscow terms, it’s a handful or two of kilometers from the center.)) of the center, near the Moskva River, on the highest point of Moscow.

If we move a bit closer, the building looks much the same, but larger.  Also some parts of the building seem to fall off, but don’t worry, they are just outside the frame of the picture:


If we Wayne’s World it up a notch, we get all the way inside the building to a big hall where I’m sure important people posted trivialities on their blogs and Facebook:


Pretty.  Turning around and leaving the building, we get to the library.  It’s new but built in a old-fashioned style that I doubt you’d see in many other places around the world done like this today.


It also has an inside, but I didn’t snap any pictures there.

If you like poorly lit pictures with unclear stuff in the background, I also have some pictures of the main building and the library from further away.  Features: winter-barren trees and depressing 6 months old snow:


All in all I’d say it’s a pretty spiffy location, earning itself a respectable number of nano-Britney ((Official unit of awesomeness I just introduced. Xtina = 0 nano-Britney; Britney = 1.0 • 109 nano-Britney; bacon and beer = around 2.0 • 108 nano-Britney = 0.2 Britney.  Science!)).

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