Live-blog from Gaga Concert on iTunes Festival

This month is the iTunes Festival. If you aren’t following along, you definitely should.  It’s basically two hours of free music live every evening in September.

It kicked off with Lady Gaga, and despite being on my way to bed (it starts at 21 GMT = midnight in Moscow), I decided to follow along.  Being a bit tired, I decided that live-blogging th event was a good idea.  Let’s pretend it was and preserve it for eternity here:

00:34: Everybody else also watching Lady Gaga at the ITunes Festival?

00:34: Apparently, they couldn’t afford a changing room for Lady Gaga…

12:40: I don’t think that’s her real hair… Weird if you consider her song Hair

00:44: So much for going to bed at a reasonable time, but at least I get to hear ARTPOP.

00:45: Is she singing ARTPOP or iPod? Given the venue you never know…

00:52: I wonder if the audience threw her a robe because they felt bad she had perform in nothing but a skimpy bikini and an outrageous wig?


Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 00.53.52

01:12: Wig comes off, long chat about hair. Super interesting! That’s why I tuned in. #NotReally #AlsoSomethingAboutDaringToBeYourself

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 01.11.52

01:24: Lady Gaga’s really moving away from her roots. Shame, because I still prefer The Fame Monster to the newer stuff…

01:36: Not strange that Applause was the first single – it is definitely one of the better songs from ARTPOP.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 01.35.03

01:37: Confetti!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 01.36.32

01:39: Looking forward to the encores. Hopefully some classics in there…

01:42: No encore? But according to the schedule, it’s not supposed to end before 2 and there’s another 15 minutes to go…

01:48: Seems that’s it. Oh well, Justin Timberlake in 4 weeks and Katy Perry the day after so not all is lost.

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