Two important announcements:

1) I think it is imperative that whenever you “push” to a Git repository, it responds with “don’t push me, push a Push Pop.” It would amuse me.

2) More importantly, Britain should be renamed to Britney. It is disappointing whenever my daily The Wall Street Journal audio update refers to Britain; halfway thru the word I build up expectations only have them broken (like Shattered Glass) when the news are not about our favorite McComb, Mississippi-born, Kentwood, Louisiana-raised superstar but just about some horse-teethed pessimist. People of the country are already called Brits, so that’s super-convenient and should increase immediate popular acceptance. It would also allow hilarious recursive jokes since Britney Spears’ grandmother was from the UK. British will be replaced by Britney-y; the linguistic inconvenience will be more than balanced by adding more Britney to our daily lives. Since some refer to Britain as “Great Britain,” it could be known instead as “Great Britney,” while the one real Britney would then be “Greater Britney” or “Greatest Britney.”

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