I think Siri completely ignores when I say “Play Charli XCX shuffled.” At least, my playlist seems very recognizable by now.

I start leaving my neighborhood singing along to the chorus of Sucker, which basically goes “Fuck you! Sucker!,” so that’s nice.

Then I get to the bulk of the ride, humming along to Break the Rules, which fittingly includes the verse “I don’t wanna go to school.”

Finally, I get London Queen, which includes the lyrics “When I’m driving on the wrong side of the road,” fittingly on the home stretch where the bike path in both directions is on one – the wrong – side of the road.

I mean, humans have a really hard time recognizing random, so I might be wrong (as if!) and it might in fact be completely random. It’s just happened so many times I’ve started noticing the pattern so that’s at least suspicious.

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