What Windows 10 is telling me on upgrade

What Windows 10 is telling me on upgrade: “Hi, we’re Microsoft. We would like your first meeting with our new operating system to be dominated by typefaces with awkward proportions and excessive anti-aliasing.”

I mean, what is wrong with that typeface? It’s so narrow it looks like somebody designed the page for 1610 and an intern “adapted” it for 43 mode used during installation by just squeezing the wide-screen image.

And why not pick a typeface that actually works on screen instead of getting anti-aliased to all hell? Insisting on using a technology like anti-aliasing when it is not applicable just because it is available is literally exactly the same as insisting on bombing random African countries just because we have nuclear missiles stashed away in Texas like porn rags under a teenager’s mattress.

Windows 10.1 (codename Puma) will feature yellow on gray WordArt text using champion typefaces Comic Sans and Papyrus.

Windows putting the “ugly” in “fugly” since 1985 (announced 1983).

Screenshot 2015-08-01 23.37.43

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