Fun with probability theory: things that are bound to happen with 100% certainty doesn’t necessarily happen, and things that happen with 0% probability might. Tasked to pick a random number between 1 and 100, there’s 0% chance of randomly picking 17 as there’s (uncountably) infinitely many other possibilities.

Really, though, 17 is the most picked option and in fact there’s probably a 100% chance of picking a rational number as an irrational would take infinitely long to enumerate. As there’s infinitely many more irrational numbers than rational numbers that gives a 100% chance of picking a number there’s 0% chance of picking at random when tasked to do just that.

Not only that, many of people’s favorite irrationals are between 1 and 100, such as sqrt(2), Φ, e, and π, which means that just to be contrary, probably 100% of people reading this would pick one of those now, in total leading to a 0% chance of picking a number there’s a 100% chance of picking even though there’s 0% chance of picking that at random.

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