I backed a dumb Kickstarter project which in retrospect is an obvious scam (tech project with too short deadline, based on environmental/free energy, creators from greater Russia).

It was supposed to deliver a dumb iPhone case around 1.5 years ago, and has been stringing people along with dumb excuses for delays and several “we’ll ship really soon” updates.

People are getting angry; I’ve mostly written off the money and now I’m just having fun ridiculing the project.  Here, I’ve helped them coming up with more excuses for the delays:

scam1 scam2 scam3

6 thoughts on “Kickstarter

  1. But really though Michael.. “The Lunecase does not have any batteries inside the case or any connections with your smartphone, you just have to snap the case on your iPhone and it will go to work straight away. ” .. their website says, “Click on the toggle bar so it turns green. This signifies thatBluetooth is turned on. Your device will now look for discoverable Bluetooth devices nearby.” – You actually believed that a passively powered piece of plastic (iPhone generated induction power?) could give a stable bt connection and provide 3rd party notifications – I don’t think any 3rd party device can do that today still)

  2. Yeah, not my.proudest moment falling for it. At least in my defence the description was wildly different 2 years ago – it was just blinking on calls/notifications. On the surface it is not impossible you could detect that by a peak in radio communication.

    But mostly, I should have checked just a bit deeper. It’s a pretty clear scam and was at the time as well.

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