I was doing some refactoring of my garden this afternoon to make it more maintainable, so if you enjoy rain that’s probably the reason. While I was pondering where to get dynamite to get rid of the bushes (I guess the easier way to get explosives is just south of the border), I was contemplating how may gardening terms are originally computer science terms.

For example, did you know that “trees,” “roots,” and “leaves” are not just data-structure terms, but also some kind of weird upside-down giant grass? Weeding is not just something you do to ASTs, but also something you do to other kinds of grass. Bugs: not just another name for Windows features. Garbage collection: not just an easy-mode to memory allocation. Rake: not just something you use if you use an inferior web toolkit. The list goes on, I’m sure; it’s as if gardening is just a shitty Chinese knock-off of computer science.

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