Remodeling the Attic

I’ve reached the equilibrium where my memory of the annoyance of remodeling the two first floors is balanced with the annoyance of the mess in my attic:

img_7547 img_7548

There’s nothing to do about the ugly carpet (there’s nothing underneath and I’m not going to put anything there).  I’m also not going to bother with painting the walls because that seems like it would be a chore.  Hence, the word of the day is cover-up.  Carpets on top of carpets and shelves to cover the walls.  The shelves also allow me to store all the crap currently on the floor.  This is the plan:


A corner for my servers.  The small shelves are not entirely correct (there’s only actually 3 shelves and spacing is more adjustable).  Plenty of storage space for computey stuff.


A corner for beer. A small bar is set up with my beer tap.  On the floor an ugly (but non-orange) carpet I have lying around.  Curtains will cover off the parts of the room where even midgets have a hard time walking.  I’ll probably store boxes or other shit behind them.


The remainder of the room: bean bag chairs surrounded by shelves for tools and probably other stuff.  All in all, I’ll install just over 40 meters of shelf space.

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