Drunk Monkey Consulting | Pavlovski, Madison

Do you want to harness the power of a highly paid consultant at the price of a drunk monkey? Well, why not ask a drunk monkey consultant?

Ask any of 2^128 drunk monkeys any question and get an instant answer. Each monkey will respond consistently to all your questions, but the monkeys might not agree.

Each monkey has a personal page where you can ask questions; for example, ask the experienced Madison Pavlovsky questions here. Don’t like the answers? Ask any of the other featured consultants, or find a consultant at random. They all have their own personality.

More features coming soon, such as searching for the monkey perfectly sharing your crazy biases or asking the monkeys more complex questions. https://monkey.westergaard.eu/monkey/468883a0-e6e0-72f2-32a7-5c9690c3d8fb

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