Covid Vaccine Mortality

One of the headlines in Dutch papers today is that 15 people have died after receiving the Covid vaccine. That sounds bad, but is it? According to the RIVM, a total of 571361 vaccinations have been given (with a certain 414858). Since the Dutch government has decided to ignore the recommendation to give people the […]

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Why are Keyboards so Difficult?

So, I have a laptop with an Apple butterfly keyboard (gen 2, IIRC). Aside from the lack of travel, some shit virtual reality escape button it’s ok. Except it’s now shedding keys, making it useless for exotic applications such as typing on it. I could get it repaired, but aside from a few keys, it’s […]

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Why Do I Know and They Believe?

According to a tired cliche, the victors write history. Similarly, classifying an event as a protest, a coup, or a riot also depends on one’s perspective. But why don’t we try walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes for once… Last night, tens or hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Congress and interrupted […]

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How is Outlawing Fireworks Going to Save Us from COVID?

For those not in the know, the Dutch government has been very vocal about “trusting the population” during the entire COVID crisis. People should be smart about who they see, be smart about vacationing, be smart about distancing, about hoardingshopping, and smart about wearing PPE like masks. We’ve basically been a mini-Sweden just without all […]

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