Printing on W&I from Mac OS X Lion

The Windows/Samba setup from BCF does not work well with the printing service in OS X Lion.  You can print via the command line using cat <path to pdf file> | ssh <username> “cat | lpr -Pxerox7n1” where I use ngrid04 as a random Linux machine I know I have access to and which I […]

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The Joy of Windows

It seems that everytime I boot into Windows, I spend most of my time staring at the below screen: In fact I have a suspicion, I spend more time updating Windows, anti virus, and other crap to get less malware that I do actually being productive in Windows.  Unfortunately, I need to check an application […]

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Parallels Desktop

I can highly recommend the newest version of Parallels Desktop for running Windows applications under OS X.  I already posted, showing how the new Crystal mode makes the integration near-perfect. Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Parallels (or whatever their company is called), just a happy customer. I thought, I’d follow up on that.  Today, I’ve […]

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