Last night, I has a horrible nightmare. I had the gadgunchies ((Portmanteau of “gadgets” and “munchies”, being the scientific (not scientific, I totally just made it up myself) term for an all-consiming craving for getting new gadgets.)), but unfortunately, it was Sunday and all shops were closed, so I couldn’t satisfy the beast within.

In order to ensure that remained a horrible nightmare on par with a socialist government, I made sure to immediately ((Not immediately, I first got out of bed and took a morning-dump)) go to Media Markt. This is the result:

Frankly, I’m surprised by how much restraint I showed; I didn’t buy a new iPad, even though they had them for sale.  Neither did I buy a new TimeCapsule (mostly because they didn’t have the model I wanted).  Finally, I did not buy an HP Slate, but that is just sensible ((I probably would have bought one, had they had them on sale, as they’re ridiculously cheap now…)).

I did get a couple USB drives, though ((A USB drive is like Dropbox, just less convenient and more orange.)) – one to make a recovery drive for OS X Lion (in case I manage to destroy all my computers at the same time) and one for transferring my iMovie library from my laptop to my desktop.  Next on the list is a couple adapters for Ethernet via the power lines.  I’m planning on rewiring the house and place a wireless access-point downstairs and hook the Mini to the network using cable instead of wirelessly.  I also got a new router, as I’m tired of only getting 10 MBit/s downstream from the internets.  Also, I’d like IPv6 connectivity to be able to connect to my desktop from the office.

On a more boring note, I got an electric tooth brush, because I needed a new toothbrush anyway and this seemed easier than going to multiple stores.  Finally, I got a slicer, because the other day I made a bread, and surprisingly, at least to me, when you do that, it does not come out sliced.  The more you know!

Edit: After a bit of rewiring, the internet feels much faster.  Because it is.  The old firewall could only handle 10 Mbit/s externally, the new one 1 Gbit/s, so now the internet connection is the bottle-neck, yielding:

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